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TPU composite features and uses introduced

TPU composite is a very useful material, so the use is also very broad, and PVC's coverage industry, TPU can also cover, or even more widely. Following Fengxiang composite to introduce to you the characteristics and uses of TPU.

TPU composite was first characterized by high peeling strength, can effective damping and shock resistance; second hardness is wide, so has good abrasion resistance and flexibility; third, TPU oil resistance, water resistance, which means that it is easy to process; Fourth: TPU cold, even in the low temperature environment remains with excellent properties, such as elasticity, toughness and so on.

Because of the superior performance of TPU composite, it can be used in many products industry. TPU can be used in all kinds of clothing, shoes materials, car cushion, bags, toys, earplugs and so on.

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