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Introduction of five flocking methods

First, the mechanical flocking of flat objects

Placed in the substrate pre mechanical brushing electrostatic flocking adhesive lapping machine, feeder is arranged in the substrate above the villi villi, rely on its own gravity to the surface of the substrate has been spreading from the feeder on the beater beating rod in four below taut beater blanket rotation, thus driving vibration on the substrate. This vibration facilitates the fixation of the villi (implants) and makes them stand in a more upright alignment. This method avoids the purchase of electrostatic flocking equipment.

Two. Electric flocking of flat objects

Power flocking is divided into alternating current electrostatic flocking and DC electrostatic flocking.

1 AC electrostatic flocking, as shown in Figure 2: Flocking from falling through the setting and feeder accepted charge in the substrate above the high voltage electrode, the villus movement results in momentum, high voltage power can make hair neat. Since the frequency of the current supplied by the power source varies in two directions, the kinetic energy given by the alternating current is smaller in the direction of the adhesive substrate. Therefore, the energy of the hair layer is still required by the beater, which is similar to the mechanical flocking.

2, in the above device is arranged inside the feeding roller and preventing fluff "bridging", install hopper on the mezzanine floor, connected with a non conductor and villi feeder hopper wheel of these devices, can be manually operated, it is provided with a timer to control the battery or light the accumulation of villus height, with two devices connected in series. Feeder set in the motor to adjust the height of the bracket can be used, which contains two rotatable cloth wheels, they can be used to drive the speed control device, a screen frame plate electrode in feeder is installed under the wheels as with high voltage, is provided with a wheel feeder paddle shaped or round brush over constantly brushed. All equipped with different sieve mesh sieve box, were selected according to the different villi, sweep through the screen of the villi are evenly charged, and toward the direction of a moving substrate coated with adhesive layer, if the villi implant quality, beating rod set can be ready just in case. If the quality is not ideal, you can tap the rod so that the substrate vibration, so that the arrangement of villi implanted qualified. The rack of the substrate and the equipment shall be ground together, because the uniform electrical field between the two flat electrodes produces an ideal state of electric field, one of which operates in very low electric field.

Three. Electrostatic flocking of solid objects

Portable electrostatic flocking machine is small, flexible, light and so on, so it can be three-dimensional flocking, and can be randomly moved according to the position of flocking patterns. Such as children's toys made with molds, plastic puppies, kittens and so on, in order to give them to wear a plush coat, you can plastic dog watch after gluing, you can carry out three-dimensional flocking. Cashmere receptacle flocking machine manual is arranged in the villi, connected by a hose with a power supply, because the use of new electronic components, adjustable high voltage (such as the highest voltage for 100kV, allowing the small current through) is arranged in the handle, the handle is provided with a power switch. The workpiece can be fixed on a bracket or rotatable workpiece table, and the turntable device can be used for electrostatic flocking, such as rotationally symmetrical parts, irregular parts and hollow parts.

Four 、 electrostatic pneumatic flocking

This is a combination of the use of power and wind power. The electrostatic flocking method, the villi are evenly into the pipe and air flow in the air duct along the hose transported to the nozzle, the electrostatic generator is arranged in the nozzle, which is charged down. With a charge of villi by air streams to form complex surface processing, and the implanted layer. This method is suitable for irregular shaped parts and hollow parts. As shown in figure 6.

Five 、 horizontal electrode - mechanical feeding flocking

This method is using the mechanical method of adding fluff, horizontal electrode is arranged on the workpiece side, before processing parts should be fixed on the vertical bracket can be rotated, and the level of pre installed electrodes two, three or more different in the next part, according to the specific circumstances of product set. When the workpiece is electrified and rotated, the flocking can be finished by the flocking area, and the distance and the angle of the flocking can be adjusted by flocking. The method is especially suitable for electrostatic flocking of rotationally symmetrical parts, such as cylinder shaped parts, irregular surface parts, etc..

Because the parallel plate electrode is easy to produce the bridge phenomenon, and the villus is difficult to supply when passing through the plate electrode, the utility model is rarely used only when the single-sided processing fashion is arranged inside the processing object. Commonly used mesh or grid electrode, the mesh or grid electrode can make the villi pass through freely. So, when processing with manual and automatic screen printing machine printing machine coating electrostatic flocking adhesive and fluff from falling when the upper electrode, this is indispensable. In addition, when the gate electrode is added at any length, the villi can be evenly distributed and the bridge phenomenon can be prevented. The electrode also concentrates the flight direction of the nap, and has the function of raising flocking density.

In addition to every kind of flocking methods described above, not only has modern electrostatic flocking flocking process of a single, but with other means of production process integration in the development means, the use of composite technology and comprehensive skills, to break the traditional mode of thinking, method of reference and transplantation of some other industries, multi degree and the manner, such as flocking and fountains, flowers, embossing and grinding,

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