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Founded in the year of 2003, Dongguan Luyu Shoes Co., Ltd.

is a professional manufacturer of producing specialty goods like air mesh, 3D mesh cloth, Jacquard vamp, 3D scuba knit, etc. Its headquarter is located in Gongguan, a city of China, whose dyeing and finishing factory is equipped with an independent and mature production line. This company has established a weaving mill in Jinjiang, a well-known Chinese Shoes Capital. This factory possesses hundreds of advanced warp knitting machine and weft knitting machine and owns an excellent developing team. With the idea of technological innovation and environment friendly, this team aims to develop the special materials of sneaker cloth with"[Read More]

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  • How to distinguish the material of superfine fiber


    Withthecontinuousimprovementofqualityoflife,superfinefiberclothhasbecomeanessentialpartofdailynecessities,thenhowcanwedistinguishitwithnon-wovenmaterial?Infact,themethodisverysimple,wecandistinguishtheclothaccordingtothefollowingcharacteristics. Characteristicsofsuperfinefibercloth: 1,softandlight.

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